I Dreamed My Genesis Exhibition

Words borrowed from the impassioned poetry of Dylan Thomas provide an evocative title, or an unorthodox starting point, for an exhibition of contemporary photography: I Dreamed My Genesis… A paradoxical proclamation that may allude either to nostalgic perspectives on past beginnings, or pre-emptive visions of an unknown future.

This exhibition (and publication) marks the end of one journey and the beginning of another for all of the artists involved. The shared philosophy of the photography courses at Swansea College of Art is fittingly reflected by the innovative, diverse works on show, which address subjects ranging from global misunderstandings of the state of our environment,to national misconceptions of our individual states of mind, employing techniques from both the near future and the distant past.

First steps can soon become a distant blur, and photography’s origins have forever been shrouded in an evocation of fog. In our contemporary, digital condition -of photographic image saturation - Walter Benjamin’s concept of ‘the fog that spreads its mist and interrupts the dream of knowing and seeing’ seems more relevant than ever. As Eduardo Cadava has commented: ‘In the twilight zone between seeing and not seeing, we fail to get the picture’.

We hope that on viewing these works the fog will occasionally be interrupted by a flash of bright light or gently lift to offer a fleeting, lucid, pensive moment. Along with a core belief in personal development and expression, we also see it as our students’ responsibility - as emerging practitioners - to interrogate and challenge existing processes and systems, and to cultivate new strategies for photojournalism and photographic art.

The photography staff wish to congratulate all involved for creating stimulating and thought-provoking bodies of work, and to wish them much success with their onward journeys and future endeavours.

Hamish Gane & Siân Addicott  
Programme Directors

MArts(Hons) & BA (Hons) Photography in the Arts

MArts(Hons) & BA (Hons) Photojournalism & Documentary Photography


Photography in the Arts


Photography in the Arts

Susan Adele Hughes

Photojournalism & Documentary

Ellen SheehanEmily HarrisFrancis WilliamsSara AssebabToni Osuji

The Exhibition

Swansea College of Art

Swansea College of Art Dynevor, De-La Beche St, Swansea SA1 3EU

17th of May

5:30 pm show opening
Open to Public until
31st of May. 10am - 4.30pm.

Copeland Gallery

Copeland Gallery Peckham, Copeland Rd, London SE15 3SN, UK

6th of June

6pm - 10pm show opening
Open to Public until
9th of June. 10am - 6pm.

All of the students of Photography in the Arts and Photojournalism & Documentary have received outstanding support and guidance during their degree studies and would like to thank all the staff at University of Wales Trinity Saint David. There have been some special people whose support, advice, inspiration and encouragement have made all the difference.

Hamish Gane
Siân Addicott
Paul Duerinckx
Ryan Moule
Paul Jeff
Holly Davey
Sarah Tierney
Christine Shaw
Dafydd Williams

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